About us

NET2B is a cutting edge innovative agency providing a wide spectrum of creative, technological and commerce services to luxury and fashion brands that want to pioneer the digital space.
Our core competencies lie in two main areas. We conceive, develop and maintain eCommerce solutions to exploit the internet based commerce with the best in class technologies and infrastructures. We develop innovative digital and visual experiences that capture consumers emotions and drive desires.
We provide brake-trough art direction to create unique shopping experiences.


What we do


Entering the eCommerce market has never been easier. Through our "HiStreet" platform we will create your online store, giving you the opportunity to reach your consumers anywhere in the world and offer them a safe and effective shopping experience. You will have access to all the features and innovations that will make you competitive and gain consumers loyalty.
Through our eCommerce platform you will be able to:

  1. Create single countries offers and storefronts with automatic geo-localization
  2. Expand internationally in new geographies
  3. Have single country specific price-list
  4. Create man/women differentiated storefronts
  5. Pre-order and available order systems

Online marketing solutions

Consumers are hit everyday by hundreds of different messages both in the on-line and off-line environment and the only way for a brand to get noticed is cut trough the clutter whit constant management of the communication and through well-crafted marketing strategies. To ensure that your offer will always be consumers top of mind and a step ahead of competition, we offer you a designed online marketing approach through the most effective channels:

  1. Generate site traffic with SEO/SEM solutions
  2. Target the right buyers with ad hoc content
  3. Email and newsletter solutions
  4. Social network connection and integration

Cloud server

Entering the eCommerce market sounds like a complicated matter, with lost of technical knowledge required. But not with NET2B. Leave the complexity to us and focus on enlarging your geographical footprints while exponentially growing your sales and revenues. We will take care of the behind the scene leaving you only the need to focus on the consumers offers and experience. NET2B’s Cloud-based (SaaS) eCommerce platform give you the peace of mind of a reliable, flexible and always up to date technology that will back up your business in every demand situation, managing standards requests as well as seasonal peaks, without you having to worry about it.

Visual merchandising

A nice package can make the real difference. A well functioning site with the wrong art direction can discourage the consumer right from the beginning. This is the reason why it is important to invest not only on the hard functional skills but also on the soft ones, proven their impact on the consumers appeal, willingness in spending and rate of return. Our image and content management tools will give you all the necessary features to create, revise, place and update site content, images, videos and more, in an easy and immediate way which does not require sophisticated IT support. You will be able to manage the look and feel of your eCommerce website with simple actions ensuring a great emotional and unique consumer experience.

Order and payment

A great eCommerce website must provide a pleasant experience trough the complete consumer’s journey, from the first glance to the order fulfilment. NET2B knows how much is important to provide a flawless payment process to consumers in order to ensure a good repeat rate and constant sales growth. That’s way we offer you the most advance payments management systems with the options to:

  1. Always be able to check the payments status
  2. Offer payments options through credit card, transfers, cash on delivery and Paypal
  3. Manage different shipment systems with different prices list based on geography


The key of success of every commerce activity is learning from experience. Analyzing the consumers behaviour will give you a competitive advantage and the possibility to target the right groups and ensure the purchase of your most profitable products. A constant tracking of the consumers journey will give you the chance to craft effective attraction’s strategies and customized offer. Being your partner we will provide you the knowledge and the right tools to analyze the market place and your consumer behaviour with an advance integration of Analytics.
Your consumers will have no more secrets.


Our key strengths are based on a solid experience in visual and graphic design, along with a great luggage of innovativeness, creativity and imagination.
NET2B Creative agency offers:

  1. Art Direction
  2. Graphic design and management of online e-Commerce and websites
  3. Rinnovamento dell’immagine di sitVisual renovation of existing websites
  4. Visual identity creation and renovation
  5. Digital content development

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